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What are the Laws

Contractors planning to work on pre-1978 homes must assume that Lead-based paint 

is present in the scope of the work area until the project is tested for. 

Having your future project tested for lead-based paint will enable you to bid and budget 

properly for Lead safe work practices (or not if no lead-based paint is present).

Violations of the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule and the State Lead 

hazard containment regulation can end up costing up to double of $37,500 per day!

Employees are entitled to a Lead-safe working environment under Cal OSHA. 

ANY level of Lead triggers compliance.

Hazardous waste and wastewater regulation require proper characterization and disposal

of created exterior wash water or construction debris.

How Can The Lead Detective Agency Help you?

The Lead Detective agency can easily help you be in compliance and still be

competitive. Having a Lead Inspection done may show that there is NO LEAD based

paint present or identifies where the Lead is located. If there is NO LEAD based paint

then that means no RRP, and you have a Certified Report stating so. If Lead is found,  in

most cases it’s only in a couple small locations such as an Exterior Door and you have

to treat only those locations as hazardous instead of the entire project. Results from an

State certified Lead Inspector give peace of mind to both you and the homeowner. If you

have any questions about the laws regarding Lead, feel free to call The Lead Detective

Agency at (916) 481-7432 and we will be happy to share our knowledge.

What we offer.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections

As defined by EPA/HUD, a room by room inspection and testing of all 

component types (doors, windows, walls)

A typical inspection tests over 150 locations to achieve a comprehensive 

inventory of what has Lead-based paint.

Lead Testing

Limited scope of interest testing, focus on a specific room or component 

type for particular projects i.e. window replacement, bath remodel, exterior paint etc..

Risk Assessment

While an inspection identifies where Lead-based paint is located, it does

not answer if there is a possible health concern.

However, as a stand alone, it identifies only problematic Lead-based paint, contaminated dust and soil.

Clearance Testing

The job is done, but does the Lead contamination linger?

Dust and/or soil sampling are compared to EPA/State Lead safe levels.

Soil Sampling

Soil Testing allows us to determine the degree of Lead in your

environment. Lead in soil is commonly found around the drip line of

deteriorating paint. The EPA has maximum allowable amounts based

upon children's activities. We also find it in regions of fuel use and

industrial storage.

Air Monitoring

Are workers exposed to unsafe air born lead levels?

Annual monitoring/ job monitoring is required under OSHA regulations for


Lead-Based Paint Project Supervision

The Lead Detective Agency is licensed to Supervise your lead paint project compliance issues from set up through clean up.