Real Estate



Any pre-1978 home that is on the market, potential home buyers

need to know about Lead paint presence, condition, and potential

hazards of the home they are interested in.

There is a ten day window for any buyer to have Property tested 

for Lead before being purchased.

If you are dealing with any property that is Federally funded you

must comply with all HUD and EPA requirements.

Property Managers

As a Property Manager you must disclose to tenants before they

move in of any potential Lead hazards and have them sign a

disclosure that they have been informed.

If you, your staff or any hired contractors are doing any Repairs,

Remodeling or Painting (RRP) you must follow all of the EPA RRP

rules and work Lead safe. These include notifications to all tenants

including disclosure signatures, sealed work areas, and clearance



If you live in a home older then 1978, having your home tested

can help offer peace of mind.

Contamination from the previous owners could still be present in

the flooring or the soil.

If you are purchasing a new home and it was built before 1978

 it is a good idea to have The Lead Detective Agency pre-check

 the property for lead hazards before you purchase or move in.

We can also give you sound advice, techniques, and

recommendations on how to keep your home and family Lead safe.