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Non-destructive testing           

We use an EPA-approved X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer, which tells us the amount

of Lead immediately.

Lead Inspections

As defined by EPA/HUD

A room by room inspection and testing of all component types (doors, windows, walls)

A typical inspection tests over 150 locations to achieve a comprehensive inventory 

of what has Lead-based paint.

Lead Testing

Limited scope of interest testing, focus on a specific room for particular projects.

Risk Assessment

While an inspection identifies where Lead-based paint is located, it does not answer if there is a possible health concern. A Risk Assessment identifies areas of your home and property that have specific issues of concern allowing you to address them.

Clearance Testing

The job is done, but does the Lead contamination linger?

Dust and/or soil sampling to determine EPA/State Lead safe levels.

Soil Sampling

Soil Testing allows us to determine the degree of Lead in your environment. Lead in soil is 

commonly found around the drip line of deteriorating paint. The EPA has maximum allowable amounts 

based upon children's activities. We also find it in regions of fuel use and industrial storage.

Air Monitoring

Are workers exposed to unsafe air born lead levels?

Annual monitoring/ job monitoring required under OSHA regulations for Lead-in-construction.

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