Testing for Lead-Based Paint and assessing the risk to your family.

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The Lead Detective Agency has been in business for over 20 years doing lead-based paint inspections in the Greater Sacramento area and throughout Northern and Central California. We can assist, inform and guide you regarding lead laws including EPA, OSHA, HUD, or State & County.

The Lead Detective Agency specializes in investigating for lead-based paint in your home, business or activity location.

Locating lead-based paint is our specialty. We also test for lead in soil, water, or dust as your needs may require.

What Is Lead?

How Does Lead Become Hazardous?

Home being tested for lead-based paint.

Services Offered

Lead-Based Paint Inspections - A room by room inspection of all painted surfaces or components. Interior and exterior of your home.

Lead Testing - A narrowly focused testing of a specific room, type of component, project area inside or outside the home.

Risk Assessment - While an inspection identifies where Lead-based paint is located, it does not answer if there is a possible health concern. A risk assessment specifically identifies problematic issues that could potentially be an exposure to the dangers of lead.

Clearance Testing - The job is done, but does lead contamination linger? A clearance test includes dust and/or soil sampling for comparison to EPA/State Lead safe levels.

Soil Sampling - Soil testing allows us to determine the magnitude of lead in your environment. Lead in soil is commonly found around the drip line of deteriorating paint. The EPA has maximum allowable amounts based upon children's activities.

Contractor RRP -  Assisting Contractors in meeting their legal responsibilities in meeting EPA/RRP, OSHA, HUD, State and Local laws.


Up Front Pricing

In most cases the cost for your lead testing requirements can be quoted right over the phone. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, real-estate broker, we have the right product for you at the right price. 

We strive to ensure that pricing is NEVER an issue when it comes to you having the knowledge about your Lead issue.

Call us now to get a quote and to schedule our site inspection. 

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